Dr Yasemin Allsop MBE

Hello, welcome to my website! Here you will be able to find out about me, my story books and projects. This is my personal website, if you would like to find out about my academic work then please visit my academic profile.

In short, I am Yasemin Allsop, author, teacher, student, mother, a bit of everything really. I love reading, writing, walking, history, astronomy, astrology and technology. I am the author of Alya the Pathmaker children’s book series.

All I share on this site are my personal thoughts and opinions, not of my employer.

In the end…

You are ready or not,

Life rolls on…

My Writing Blog

Life rolls on…

Tears of Children

Here is my take on the recent events that effected Israel, Gaza and the whole world. As a humanitarian I believe in freedom of speech, respect and...

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My Book

Alya Manning is a bright nine year old girl, living with her dad in London. When her mother suddenly dies in a car accident, she becomes desperate to see her for one last time. One morning her father gives her an unusual stone cylinder, apparently left by her late mother. She tries to unfold the mystery of the stone cylinder with her best friend Ben. They travel across the universe looking for clues. Slowly, with the help of her mother’s friend Mr Benson, she connects the puzzle pieces and finds surprising information about her mum that changes her life. In her search she meets robots, ugly beasts and Enki, the Ancient Sumerian God of Earth.

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