Many people have asked me why I wrote a children’s book. This question doesn’t have a simple answer. Since I was a little child, I loved reading. Each book that I read took me on a journey where I would dream, imagine, and visualise things. Cities, characters, cars, animals, literally anything and anyone. BOOM I am a flower in one book, ZOOM I am in space in another one. It is so great to be whatever you want and go wherever you want, even though it’s only in your imagination.

Around 2018, a story appeared in my mind, and when that happens, you feel an urge to share it, so I did. I put all the things that I have learned since I arrived on this world into use. My knowledge of Sumerian history, my technical skills, a love for playing with words, excitement at creating a narrative and coming up with characters. All these things that I learned either through studying or simply exploring or chatting with people.

I wanted to show children that life is made of many exciting adventures, which will require us to constantly solve problems. Simple or complex, to solve these problems, we need many unique skills, not just technical skills. Coding alone will not make us a better problem solver; we need to learn to blend and combine many different skills to formulate solutions and for this we need the most important skill of all: CREATIVE THINKING.

To become a Pathmaker, Alya had to go through extensive training at the Pathmaker Academy. From coding to writing, history to science, she had to learn about so many things. She then needed to learn to blend and combine this knowledge and skills to formulate solutions. Only then would she be allowed to travel to other planets.

If you haven’t read the book yet, you can download the kindle version for free on Wednesday 29th June from Amazon.

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