Let’s fast forward a bit.

I moved in with Simon a while ago. We are now living in Peterborough.

His house was beautiful but needed lots of love and care.


Holes in the walls.

No running water in the kitchen, so, I turned the bathtub into a dishwasher.

His bike was in the middle of the living room.

Windows were grey matching the worn-out carpet, once was a different colour, hard to guess what it was though…

The garden was enormous, and it had its own mountain range.

Up and down!

Up and down!

Simon phoned his mother and started talking about me.

“She is very pretty,” he said, “and very clever.” 

“Ooooh” says his mum; she sounded happy.

Then he drops the bomb. “She is from Turkey,” he said excitedly.


More silence……

Mum didn’t share his excitement.

Dad picked up the phone.

“We will ring you later.”

They didn’t.

But Simon did.

Mum had fainted!

“Wow”, I said. “A bit extreme”.

He gave me a cheeky smile.

“Not a worry,” he said. “All will be well.”

That’s my Simon. 

Smile and wave!

How was your first contact with your mother-in-law?

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Thanks for reading,

Sending you hugs and stars.


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