Remember year 2000? 

The millennium.

We were told that computer systems would not interpret the “00” correctly.

Y2K (Year 2000) bug.

The end was near!

In December 1999, I was living near Clapham North. 

Yep, moved again.

I planned to go to Turkey to see my mum for the new year. I had my plane ticket, some money, my passport, my bank card, and a cheque for £50 that was given to me by my host family inside a wallet. 

It was a cold and rainy day.

Yes, I know, like any other days in London.

Clapham North was very busy with Christmas shoppers. 

I packed my rucksack, put the wallet in the middle section, and went to the bank to cash the cheque.

When it was my turn to talk to the customer agent, I reached for my wallet, but it wasn’t there. 

I remember panicking and checking the bag again and again.

No use, it had gone.

My passport, my money, my cheque, and flight ticket. It also had my phone number written on a paper. I couldn’t remember my number, so I wrote it down and kept it in my wallet. 

Later in the evening, a guy rang me and told me that he had my wallet. He must have discovered the paper with my phone number on it. I was so happy. I thought he found my stuff.


He stole it and guess what? He asked for money to return it. 

I arranged a place and time to meet him. Then I went to the police to report it and explain the situation.

They didn’t want to know.

They weren’t interested in a foreign girl’s lost wallet. They didn’t even listen to me. It meant nothing to them.

To me, it was all I had.

It was my chance to see mum after almost a year in the UK.

The embassy couldn’t give me a temporary document till January. 

The airline company (Turkish Airlines) refused to issue a new ticket to me.

Everything that could go wrong went wrong.

I spent the millennium on my own in my room. 

I sat by the window and cried for hours.

Not sure which one was dropping faster, my tears or the rain outside.

So, I welcomed the millennium in London instead of Bursa, where my mum lives. 

If only I could understand than that, nothing remains the same, it all changes, constantly.

I was young, emotional, and did not understand the order of life.

I was just learning to crawl.

I went to the station to meet the guy who had stolen my stuff. But he did not show up. Maybe he thought I was going to bring the police. 

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Thanks for reading,

Sending you hugs and stars.


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