For years, I only wrote about my academic work and shared ideas of using technology in the classroom. Those who know me closely will be able to tell that I am obsessed with history, especially the history of the Ancient Near East including Mesopotamia and Sumer. I spend most of my little free time watching history programs and reading books about history. I studied for a history degree before I studied Psychological Counselling. It was always my passion and all my holidays have been based on historical themes. I am teaching History and Computing to trainee teachers at the moment, so it is amazing that I am able to use my knowledge and experience from both areas as it makes my work more enjoyable.

I also love anything and everything about Sci-Fi. Especially if it involves travelling through space. Astrology is another area that I am fascinated with, especially after learning that Sumerian tablets make up the first historical record of astrology. I still find it incredible that they were able to name many of the constellations and define the nature of numerous bodies in the solar system with their bare eyes. Maybe they did not look at the sky from inside, maybe they saw the Earth and other planets from outside. Who can tell…

I wanted to have a personal blog and share my thoughts from time to time on topics that matter to me, but there is always a worry of what people think. I decided to move away from this worrying thought and give my views on topics that I am passionate about. Time is passing too fast and I don’t want to wait until I retire to connect with the world through different conversations. It is time to speak up! I hope that you will join me by reading and commenting on my posts.

When you stop fear controlling your life, you become open to endless possibilities..

Y Allsop

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